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About Us

Our Journey

At our Metrolaser based in Philadelphia, we’ve been at the forefront of aesthetic treatments for over a decade, catering primarily to women. Through the years, we discerned an increasing demand among men for personalized med spa treatments. Recognizing that some men might be hesitant to visit traditional spas, we identified a pressing need for a specialized space where men could feel comfortable seeking the self-care they deserve.

With that vision, we proudly introduced Metro Men’s Health, nestled in the heart of Center City. This medspa, uniquely tailored for men, offers treatments designed to rejuvenate, invigorate, and enhance. Our goal is to provide every man with the tools he needs to feel younger, fitter, and confidently handsome.

Matthew Beshara, MD

CEO, Metro Men's Health

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Our Mission

Dive into Metro Men’s Health, your premier destination in the Philadelphia, NY, NJ, and Delaware areas for men’s aesthetic and enhancement needs.

Concerned about your appearance or confidence? We’re here to help. Metro Men’s Health is devoted to ensuring every man feels his best, both inside and out. Our team combines years of expertise with top-of-the-line treatments to craft bespoke solutions tailored for you.

Seeking a confidence boost? Our specialized enhancement options, paired with cutting-edge technology, deliver tangible results, addressing both the locker-room and private moments. And for those aiming for broader rejuvenation, our alliance with Metro Laser provides a curated range of treatments, from body sculpting to laser hair removal, all designed with men’s unique needs in mind.

At Metro Men’s Health, we believe in solutions. Our commitment is not just to enhance but to empower, ensuring you walk out feeling confident, rejuvenated, and ready to face the world.

Our Specialists

Grace Siegfried

Director of Operations CoolSculpting Specialist Certified Laser Technician

Holly Schneider

Client Services

Carla Rodeghiero

Certified Laser Technician

“The microneedling experience was straightforward and painless. My specialist was a pro – approachable and well-versed, breaking down each step for me. After the session, my face had that fresh, invigorated feeling. A bit of scabbing for a couple of days, which was expected, and once that cleared up, my skin was looking sharp and felt as smooth as ever.”

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